A New Day To learn About Saving Energy, Improving Health, Comfort and Safety On April 30th

National Window Film Day Shares Valuable Facts with Homeownersand Brings Window Film to LightWashington, D.C. – February 13, 2014 – The International Window Film Association IWFA, a nonprofit trade group representing the many benefits of window film from leading manufacturers, distributors and dealers, is initiating the first National Window Film Day on April 30th, a day of public education focusing on a cost-effective solution to reducing energy costs in homes, protecting skin and home decor from the sun’s damaging UV rays and to promote window safety.

“Independent research shows window film can be the most cost effective means of saving on energy costs across all climate zones in many states,” said John Parker, president of the IWFA. “We are confident in our support of a National Window Film Day to inform all citizens of the benefits of this affordable technology, and we encourage our members to participate as well as everyone in the industry,” added Parker.

The IWFA represents some of the leading makers of window film. They are 3M, American Standard Window Film, Eastman Chemical, Hanita Coatings, Johnson Laminating and Coating, Madico, Sangbo Co. Ltd and Solar Gard. The IWFA’s membership includes nearly 5,000 distributor and dealer / installers of window film.

As part of National Window Film Day, the IWFA is offering several free booklets on the energy savings and health benefits of window film on its website located at www.iwfa.com. In addition, there will be informational videos and articles to better inform the public about window film.

“Once installed, window film can offer year-round savings of about 5 to 10 percent of the home’s total energy bill,” said Darrell Smith, executive director of the IWFA. “In the coming weeks the IWFA will conduct new research to better understand consumer awareness about window film and its energy saving benefits, and we look forward to sharing the results.” he added.

About the International Window Film AssociationThe International Window Film Association IWFA is a nonprofit organization of window film dealers, distributors, and manufacturers that facilitates the growth of the industry by providing unbiased research, influencing policy and promoting consumer awareness of the many benefits of window film. Like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter and see more information on YouTube.

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One of the common questions that our customers have when they make the initial inquiry regarding tinting windows relates to how long it will take to install the tinting on their vehicles, homes, or office spaces. This question may have numerous answers primarily being based on manpower, schedules, and type of vehicle or amount of windows that are present. For most vehicles, the average tinting time is about two hours. For most homes it will take a full working day and for offices it is completely predicated by what we will be tinting i.e. entire office or just a door. While the amount of time required may change, the process for installation remains the same.For automobiles the process is formulated around three important steps: fitting the film to the contour of the window, creating a clean surface for application and placing the film on the window. The first step is cutting the film to size and fitting it to the outside of the window using a heat source to contour it to the curvature of the glass. Once completed the film is removed and placed on a glass board while the interior of the window is thoroughly cleaned by use of a flat razor to remove all adhesive contents and then scouring with a Brillo pad and soapy water. The film is then applied to the inside of the car and secured through a process of wetting and squeegeeing out the excess water between the film and the window. It should be noted that it may take 3 to 5 calendar days for the film to totally adhere to the window so following the care instructions given after the install is highly recommended to assure that the film will not slide or begin to peel away.For homes and businesses the process is similar aside from the main difference being that the window types are what we refer to as ‘flat glass’. In other words, there is no contour to the glass. The film is measured, cut, and installed on the interior side of the glass after the window has been properly cleaned and prepped for adhesion. Of course we take every precaution to protect any flooring or furniture during the installation. For most homes we ask that the furniture be moved to the center of the room away from the windows. This gives us the room we need to put down drop cloth as well as perform the install.If you have a smaller job such as a storm window or patio door we may be able to perform the tinting in house by having you deliver it to us but for the most part we prefer to install the windows when they are framed and standing upright.


All it takes is a thin sheet of film to transform just about any plain old window into a creative, stylish element of your home. Today’s options in decorative window film offer an affordable way to brighten up a room while simultaneously creating an inviting ambient light. Decorative film is available in countless styles and colors, making it perfect for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive and attractive accent that is sure to get noticed.

Styles of Decorative Window Film

While you’ll find a wide variety of patterns and designs, window film that mimics actual decorative glass has always been the most popular. Film that gives your glass the appearance that it is stained or frosted is a favorite of many homeowners because of its classic and traditional aesthetic. Having an actual stained, etched, or frosted glass windowpane installed could be surprisingly expensive. And, unless you’re happy to throw that money away, you’re stuck with the results. When you use decorative window film, it can easily be removed if you grow bored with the look after a year or two. Plus, you won’t spend an arm and a leg to get that look in the first place.

Frosted and stained glass are not the only styles available, however. People who enjoy an artistic flare might consider window film that looks like a mural or painting. There are even textured films that are designed to look and feel of glass blocks, which would also cost you a  pretty penny if you wanted to have it installed.

Apply decorative window film to glass cabinet doors to freshen up the look of your kitchen, take a themed room to the next level, or add color and excitement to your kids’ rooms. The options are virtually endless.

Window Film for Privacy

One of the most practical reasons to install decorative window film actually has less to do with decoration, and more to do with privacy. In areas where you don’t want the outside looking in, you can have a window film installed that is designed to not only look good, but to provide concealment as well.

This is a concern that often comes into play in the bathroom. For a fraction of the cost of installing specialty glass, you can add any look, pattern, or design to your existing bathroom windows. And, because window film is made for moisture resistance, the privacy you need will last as long as you want.

Add an element of privacy to the windows in your garage, media room, or bedrooms as well.

Interested in adding style and interest to your windows? Give us a call to find out more about the decorative window films we have for you!



After you have your windows tinted there are a few very important things you should know. Window film is applied with a wet soapy solution and may take up to 30 days to fully cure depending on the film installed. During this time you will notice a wet, hazy or foggy appearance, sometimes small water bubbles. Don’t worry, this is normal!! Just remember to leave your windows up for 3 to 5 days and park the vehicle in the direct sunlight to help the drying process. The moisture in between the glass and film will slowly disappear as the sun heats up the glass. Don’t try and rub on water bubbles because that will cause an air bubble and this will not go away. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call us! That’s what we are here for.

First we all must come to realize is that ALL WINDOW FILMS WILL FAIL OVER TIME. Yes, all tint will fail and lose some of its original color/UV protection when exposed to the heat and UV rays from the Sun over time. There is just no way around it, but we can help preserve the film from failing early. You ever wonder what film is on that car in front of you in traffic that’s all purple and bubbled up or even clear with bubbles? Well the sad news is it could be the biggest name in window film or it could also be the cheap stuff you will find at your local parts store. The heat and UV damage from the sun is a known factor in window film failure, and we also know alcohol/ammonia will dry out whatever is applied to it. The combination will shorten the life of your film very quickly. Proper care for your tint is a must to ensure a long lasting tint job.

First thing never use abrasive detergent’s or harmful chemical’s on Window Film! Always use a mild soap and water or a non ammonia glass cleaner (we like Sprayway) along with a cotton t-shirt or micro-fiber cloth.

What Is The Difference Between Types of Window Tint?

Once the darkness of the film is determined it should be known that there are many different types of film that can meet the specified percentage of visible light transmission. As a consumer this is where things may become a bit confusing, but in reality, the type of film chosen can have a huge effect on the value that you wish to attain from your purchase. While all the films carried by Garcia Pro Window Tinting are color stable and carry a  lifetime guarantee against cracking, peeling, bubbling and delamination, not all films offered to the general consumer in the marketplace are similar in character. The main differences in film type is found in the way they are constructed and how that relates to heat rejection properties within the film. The baseline film that Garcia Pro Window Tinting offers is called our “Classic” line. It is composed of dyed polyester and is non-metalized. This allows for a product that can be offered at a fair and acceptable price-point. The second film type we offer is called our “Performer” line. It is partially metalized in structure which allows for a higher heat rejection rate than our base film almost doubled.  Our top-of-the-line film that we offer is referred to as our “Ceramic” line. This film is composed of an nano-ceramic technology rather than a metalized structure. It is the best film we offer in terms of how it appears and it offers a very favorable heat rejection rate. All of our films offer a no fade warranty meaning they are guaranteed to hold their color and heat rejection properties. Obviously there are many different films available to the consumer that offer the features described. However, we believe we offer top quality material and craftsmanship at an affordable price. Should you have any questions, please give us a call or stop in to see some examples of the different types of film.

Cory Garcia

The 7 Benefits of Home Window Tinting:

1) Increased Energy Savings

One of the primary benefits to tinting your residential windows it to lower your energy bills. How is this made possible? The window tint film minimizes heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, which saves you money on fuel and electricity! It also lowers the loss of air conditioning in hotter months. This makes your windows more energy efficient and your rooms more comfortable to be in, all without changing your windows.

2) Tint Protects Furniture

We all long to have light fill our rooms and don’t want to compromise the view by always needing to have our curtains closed just to prevent the sun from damaging our furniture.

UV window film can greatly reduce the fading caused by the sun on your fabrics, carpet, artwork and wood. So, if fading has been an issue for you, stop running around opening and closing window treatments and get your windows professionally tinted. Then you can enjoy the light without the fear of furniture damage.

3) Cuts Back on the Sun’s Damaging UV Rays

Who thinks to wear sun block inside their home? It’s hard enough to remember to put it on when you are going out! Most people don’t think about it when they are inside their own home. However, there is a simple way to protect your family from the the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays when you are indoors. Have your windows covered with a window film by Garcia Pro Window Tinting. Window films can reduce the sun’s UV rays by over 90%, some even by 99%. Why add to your chances of getting skin related health problems when something so basic can be done?

4) Safety and Protection

An added reason to consider adding window tinting for your home is its security and safety feature. When a window that does not have a protective film is broken, glass fragments are sprayed throughout the room with risk of personal injury. Also, the resulting hole allows rain to enter the home and cause damage. On the other hand, windows with a security film stay attached to the film even when it is broken. This keeps the window sealed from the elements. The film also makes the window more resistant to breakage from day to day bangs and bumps.

Hurricane window film, or security window film, is a thicker gauge of film that offers greater protection to the home against violent storms, natural disasters and vandalism.

5) Reduces Glare

Direct sunlight is valuable in a home. It makes you feel great and reduces the need to use lights. Too much light can some times create a glare and make it difficult to work or relax with out closing the blinds. Window tint gets rid of significant glare, allowing you to make the most of the sunlight.

6) Privacy

Privacy window film can be added to windows to make areas private without sacrificing light. This film can be used in the bathroom, office, on kitchen cabinet doors, on glass door panels, or for windows that face the street. You can get tinting that gives you a clear view of outside, but prevents people from being able to see in..

7) Decorative

Window tinting can also add a decorative element to your home. The tinting can quite accurately imitate the look of expensive windows, but at a much lower cost. It can also easily be removed if you move or would like to change the look of the windows. Decorative window films even come with a mural and can be applied to a picture window for an instant view.

Home Window Tinting Cost

Just as a poorly done auto tinting job may start to peel or be full of tiny bubbles – a poorly done residential tinting job will look bad and cheapen the look of your windows. Have your windows tinted by Garcia Pro Window Tinting! To find out what the home window tinting cost for your windows might be let us give you a free quote. Whether you want to tint all your windows, or do just select door and window tinting, you’ve come to the right place! Remember, window tinting is significantly cheaper than replacing your windows or buying expensive window treatments and – as you’ve seen from reading about the benefits – well worth the investment!

Tax Credits For Energy Saving Window Film End Soon

The International Window Film Association Offers Free Booklet With New Insights On The Harmful Impact of Winter Sunlight On A Home’s Interior and People’s Skin

Washington, D.C. – November 26, 2013 – With Federal tax credits still available until December 31st for up to $500 for the installation of window film, the International Window Film Association (IWFA) is educating the public with a free booklet about the harmful impact of winter sunlight on a home’s interior and people’s skin, and the beneficial energy savings that many of today’s window films provide.

“People in northern states may not realize that the low angle of the winter sun means more ultraviolet rays can come through a window and into the living space than in the summer in Florida,” said Darrell Smith, executive director of the IWFA. “The sun’s deeply penetrating and harmful UVA rays pass right through unprotected glass and onto the next surface, whether it’s furniture, a floor or skin to cause fading, wrinkled skin or worse,” added Smith.

Professionally installed window films are manufactured with many features that can reduce energy consumption from solar heat gain in summer, reflect interior heat back inside in winter, while allowing in natural light without the negative impact of UV exposure. Year-round, window film can help to control glass breakage and can prevent glass shards from hurting people. Safety / security window films are an option that can be put on any structurally sound window.

As a long-term and cost-effective solution for saving energy, window film qualifies in the tax code as part of a building’s ‘insulation envelope’. The good news is that professionally installed window film is eligible for tax credits approved by Congress that offer up to 10% of the cost of window film installed in 2013, or in 2012 up to a maximum of $500.

About the International Window Film Association

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is a unified industry body of window film dealers, distributors, and manufacturers that facilitates the growth of the industry by providing unbiased research, influencing policy and promoting awareness of window film. The organization builds alliances with trade associations, utilities and government agencies to advance dealers’ and distributors’ businesses and provide value to their customers.

via Tax Credits For Energy Saving Window Film End Soon – IWFA News – International Window Film Association | IWFA.com.

Natural sunlight is the sign of life. It is necessary for the existence of life. We should allow sunlight to come into our homes as it can kill many harmful microorganisms. It provides us vitamin D, which is very necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. However, excessive sunlight causes different problems too. For instance, it fades out the color of interior items like carpets and sofas. It increases the inside temperature and you need more air conditioning to keep the home cooler.

Moreover, you see the glare in your house, which is quite annoying especially in the TV room. The health issue is also associated with sun rays, as exposure to UV can cause skin cancer. To avoid all these problems, window tinting is the right solution. People living in upland can take the advantage of residential window tinting upland.

Residential window tinting will help you to not only protect yourself but your family too. It will help you to filter the incoming sunlight. You will experience less inside temperatures and you will be spending less energy on the cooling system of your house. Window tinting is applied directly to the window panes. It filters 99% UV rays of the sun and protect you from the risk of skin cancer. You will have much better privacy. The interiors will be protected from sunlight and they will last longer.

Residential window tinting will help you to protect your expensive things from fading out. All decorative items will remain the same for years and you will not see any change in their color. These window tints are available in different colors, you can easily get one to match it with the color scheme of your home. Window tinting will give a new look to your home and it will appear much more neat and clean. Visitors will be impressed with the look and they will appreciate your effort enjoying the calm and peaceful interior.

We offer a wide range of films, with best services. Films are available in different thicknesses, which are used for different purposes. We can help you select a good quality tint for your home and enjoy a peaceful environment, which will protect not only you and your family but it will be safe for your expensive things as well.


Would You Want UV Protection in Your Home?

Much has been made in recent years about the sun’s UV rays and their potential to damage skin or even cause skin cancer. However, although certainly nowhere near as dangerous, UV rays also wreak their havoc on furniture, drapes, art work and paintings — even flooring and wood finishes.

While many clients choose to add window film to their home’s window because of the energy efficiency benefits, window film’s ability to significantly reduce the fading of furniture, floors can provide homeowners even a more significant return on their investment by potentially doubling the life of their hardwood floors, carpets, and furniture.
UV Window Film Slows the Rate of Fading in Homes and Commercial Buildings

Adding UV window film to residential or commercial windows stops about 99% of ultraviolet radiation.

Scientists found that blocking the ultraviolet radiation portion of the solar spectrum would not eliminate fade damage, but will slow down the rate of fading by a factor of about three.

Causes of Fading

Ultraviolet Light
Visible Light
Heat and Humidity
Chemical Vapors
Age of Fabric
Dye Fastness
Wear and tear that physically removes coloring


Understanding these causes of fading, you can see that UV window film helps prevent fading not only by blocking the UV rays but also by restricting the amount of heat to which the floors, carpets, and furniture are exposed. Obviously it cannot completely keep your interiors from fading, but it substantially reduces it, lengthening the life of your furniture, drapes, etc.

UV window films are the most effective option to combat fading as they have the ability to block about 99% of ultraviolet light.

You could think of UV window film as a strong sunblock for your residence — one that will not wash off and never needs to be reapplied!

To learn more about the benefits of the UV protection window film provides, contact Garcia Pro Window Tinting for your free in home consultation. Let us show you all the great benefits window film installation can provide, not to mention how quickly it will pay for itself. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and delighted!

We want to explain that we are actually cheaper than those $99 jobs. Lets say his cheap film will last 3 years, you’ll have to tint the vehicle 3x or more to last a long as our film. Not to mention the price for the removal of that nasty film you wanted to save money on in the first place.

Here are few things we tell our clients who say,”Why is Garcia Pro Window Tinting so expensive.” or “I found someone cheaper.”

1. When the price is cheap so is the film, which can bubble and/or purple in as little as 6 months.

2. All tinters know what their work is worth, so if the price is low, it reflects how little confidence they have in their installation and products.

3. Installation is most important… We guarantee a quality installation and if you should have any issues or need to make a warranty claim, We can be found to assist you, unlike some “fly by night” window tint shop.

4. As for $99 tint jobs, anyone who would charge that is either crazy or just unintelligent for under cutting themselves so much. Do you really want someone like that around your investment?